Meet Nicole

Nicole Cataffo is a curator, a collector, a creative director... A personal event creator and stylist.

She collaborates with her clients to bring their imaginings to life; be it an intimate elegant dinner for six, an ultra cool kids party for thirty, or a boozy cocktail soiree for a hundred.

Nicole specializes in creating beautiful and unique events in her clients’ homes. Her gift is for re-imagining their own space and things; wedding china comes out of the cabinets, decorative items get put to new uses. She then brings in thematic elements - flowers, candles, decor pieces - that make her events stand out. Clients can either take over from there, or have Nicole work her magic with everything else... She is obsessed with the best. Rather than hiring a single caterer, Nicole sources different venues for each of their most delicious dishes, putting together a sumptuous, curated menu. She brings in staff, music, lighting, photographers... Whatever is needed to make it an inspired, memorable party.

Nicole has created events all over New York City and the Hamptons. Check for her availability in other parts